ZetaChain API: Developer's Guide

ZetaChain API: Developer's Guide

The integration of ZetaChain within the Mobula API ecosystem offers developers an extensive suite of endpoints for enhancing blockchain applications with advanced functionalities. This guide dives into these endpoints, grouped by their specific API segments, and outlines potential use cases to help developers understand and leverage them effectively.

Market API: Mastering Market Dynamics

Real-Time and Historical Market Data

  • Get Market Data: Access real-time market information for individual ZetaChain assets, essential for applications requiring up-to-the-minute price data.
  • Get Market Data (batch): Retrieve market data for multiple ZetaChain assets in a single request, optimizing efficiency for applications that monitor a range of assets.
  • Get Historical Market Data: Dive into the past market data of ZetaChain assets, a critical feature for trend analysis and backtesting trading strategies.

Trading and Liquidity Analysis

  • Advanced-Data: Discover trading pairs and list all available pairs on ZetaChain, crucial for exchange platforms and liquidity analysis tools.
  • Get Asset Trades & Get Historical Pair Data: Access detailed trade data and historical trading information for specific pairs, supporting trading platforms and financial analysis applications.

Advanced-Data Queries

  • Query Asset Data & Query Token Data: Perform advanced queries on asset and token data, enabling customized data retrieval for bespoke analytical tools.

Real-Time Data Feeds

Wallet Explorer API: Unveiling Wallet Insights

Portfolio Management and NFT Tracking

  • Get NFTs Holdings: View NFT holdings in ZetaChain wallets, a feature integral to NFT marketplaces and digital asset portfolio trackers.
  • Complete Portfolio Data: Access a comprehensive overview of wallet holdings, enhancing portfolio management applications.

Historical Analysis and Transaction Tracking

Real-Time Wallet Monitoring

  • Websocket Wallet Data: Integrate real-time wallet data into your applications, ideal for services requiring instant notification of wallet activities.

Metadata API: Enriching Asset Information

Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Listings

  • Get All Cryptocurrencies: List all cryptocurrencies available on ZetaChain, essential for applications offering a broad view of the market.

Asset Discovery and Information

  • Search by Name: Quickly locate ZetaChain assets by name, streamlining the user experience in trading and investment platforms.
  • Get Metadata: Access detailed metadata for ZetaChain assets, providing depth to asset analysis tools and research databases.

SDK: Simplifying Integration

Mobula API provides an SDK that simplifies the integration of these endpoints into your applications. The SDK abstracts the complexities of direct API calls, offering a more intuitive way for developers to incorporate ZetaChain's functionalities.

Use Cases and Applications

  • Trading Platforms: Utilize real-time and historical market data, along with trading pair information, to offer users comprehensive trading tools.
  • NFT Marketplaces: Leverage NFT holdings and transaction data to provide users with insights into their digital asset portfolios.
  • Financial Analysis Tools: Analyze market trends, liquidity, and wallet holdings for in-depth financial research and advisory services.
  • Portfolio Management Applications: Offer users a detailed view of their asset holdings and historical net worth for effective portfolio management.
  • Compliance and Auditing Platforms: Utilize historical transaction data to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and conduct thorough audits.
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