Real-time crypto portfolio tracking apps with Websocket

Real-time crypto portfolio tracking apps with Websocket

For developers, builders, and asset managers in the crypto space, staying abreast of wallet activities is not just a routine task; it's integral to building robust, responsive, and user-friendly applications.'s Websocket Wallet Data endpoint is engineered to cater to these advanced needs, offering real-time updates on wallet balances, transactions, and other crucial metrics.

Empowering development and asset management

  • Real-Time Wallet Tracking: Seamlessly integrate live updates on wallet balances and transactions into your applications.
  • Exclusive Access for Advanced Users: Tailored for developers and asset managers who demand the most detailed and current data.

How to leverage the WebSocket Wallet Data Endpoint?

Integrating's Wallet Data into your application or asset management system is straightforward:

  1. Connect to the Websocket URL: Initiate a connection at wss://
  2. Craft Your Data Request Message: Include your API key and the wallet address you're monitoring in this format:

"type": "wallet",
"authorization": "YOUR-API-KEY",
"payload": {
"wallet": "0x6557D92D629E0bD8003b8E12c83835ff3CDB9D6B",
"interval": 15

Customization options for enhanced monitoring:

  • Interval: Control the update frequency, tailoring it to the needs of your application (as low as every 5 seconds).
  • Wallet: Specify which wallet addresses to monitor, offering targeted data for your users or analysis.

Detailed Data Response for Informed Decisions:

The /wallet/portfolio response from the Websocket Wallet Data endpoint includes comprehensive data such as:

  • Asset Details: Information on audits, blockchains, chats, circulating supply, contracts, and more.
  • Financial Metrics: Insights into liquidity, market cap, price, volume, and estimated balance.
  • Social Media and Communication Links: Access to relevant social media and communication channels.
  • Cross-Chain Balances: Information on assets across different blockchains.

This wealth of data ensures users have a thorough understanding of their wallet's holdings, market positions, and the broader implications of their assets.

Practical Use Cases for the WebSocket Wallet Data Endpoint:

With such detailed data, developers and asset managers can create a variety of innovative applications and solutions, including:

  1. Portfolio Tracking Applications: Build sophisticated tools that allow users to monitor their crypto holdings in real-time, with detailed asset breakdowns and financial metrics.
  2. Automated Trading Systems: Utilize real-time data for developing automated trading strategies that respond quickly to market changes and wallet balances.
  3. Cross-Chain Asset Management Solutions: Leverage detailed cross-chain balance data to manage assets across multiple blockchains efficiently.
  4. Financial Reporting Tools: Create comprehensive financial reports for crypto assets, including market cap, liquidity, and volume analysis.
  5. Risk Management Platforms: Analyze circulating supply and liquidity data to assess risk and make informed decisions.
  6. Community Engagement Tools: Utilize social media and communication links to build community engagement strategies around specific assets.

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