Oasis Network API: A Comprehensive Guide

Oasis Network API: A Comprehensive Guide

The integration of Oasis blockchain within the Mobula API framework offers developers specialized access to a privacy-focused blockchain platform. Oasis is known for its dedication to open finance and a responsible data economy, providing unique privacy-preserving features and a scalable architecture. This guide outlines the Oasis API endpoints available through Mobula API and suggests practical use cases, helping developers to effectively incorporate Oasis's capabilities into their blockchain applications.

Oasis API Overview with Mobula API

Mobula API's support for Oasis extends a variety of endpoints across different API segments, each tailored to leverage the unique aspects of the Oasis blockchain.

Market API: Navigating Oasis Market Dynamics

Market Data Acquisition

  • Get Market Data: Fetch real-time and historical market data for Oasis assets, a critical feature for applications that rely on accurate and up-to-date market insights.
  • Get Market Data (batch): Retrieve market data for multiple Oasis assets in a single request, streamlining data acquisition for applications performing broad market analyses.

Trading Pair Insights

  • Get Market Pair: Identify trading pairs for Oasis assets, crucial for trading platforms and financial applications looking to support Oasis-based assets.
  • Get All Pairs: List all trading pairs for Oasis on various exchanges, offering a comprehensive view of the market landscape for Oasis assets.

Wallet Explorer API: Delving into Oasis Wallets

NFT and Asset Management

  • Get NFTs Holdings: Access details on NFT holdings within Oasis wallets, an essential feature for NFT marketplaces and collectors focusing on Oasis assets.
  • Get Crypto Holdings: View the distribution of cryptocurrency holdings in Oasis wallets, pivotal for portfolio management tools and asset tracking applications.

Historical Analysis and Transaction Tracking

  • Get Historical Net Worth: Analyze the historical valuation of wallets on Oasis, offering valuable insights for financial analysts and investment tracking applications.
  • Get Historical Transactions: Obtain detailed records of wallet transactions on Oasis, supporting auditing processes and financial tracking needs.

Metadata API: Enhancing Asset Information

Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Listings and Searches

  • Get All Cryptocurrencies: List all cryptocurrencies available on the Oasis blockchain, vital for applications that aim to provide a broad overview of Oasis assets.
  • Search by Name: Easily search for Oasis assets by name, facilitating quick and efficient asset discovery for users and applications.

Detailed Asset Metadata

  • Get Metadata: Access in-depth metadata for assets on Oasis, enriching applications with detailed information about each asset, which is particularly useful for research tools and asset analysis platforms.

Practical Use Cases

Privacy-Centric Financial Applications

Utilize Oasis's privacy features to develop secure financial applications that protect user data, ideal for platforms that prioritize confidentiality in transactions and data handling.

Market Analysis and Trading Platforms

Incorporate real-time and historical market data along with trading pair information to create comprehensive market analysis tools and trading platforms that support Oasis assets.

Wallet Services and Asset Management

Offer advanced wallet functionalities for Oasis, including NFT and cryptocurrency holdings management, transaction history tracking, and portfolio analysis, catering to the needs of asset managers and individual users alike.

Responsible Data Economy Applications

Develop applications that align with the principles of a responsible data economy, leveraging Oasis's architecture to create solutions that respect user privacy and data ownership.

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